Feels So Good

This is a 100% self-indulgent, fan art, fully animated, music video teaser for a butchered version of the first few bars of A$AP Mob's 'Feels So Good'.*

*This video features 60 seconds of the song ‘Feels So Good’ by A$AP Mob, which I have purchased and acquired via digital download. I have altered the song in places, particularly towards the end of the video. I am a big fan of A$AP Mob and made this video as a show of appreciation for this song. I have no intentions of monetising this video in any way. It will only ever exist in this way; on my personal vimeo account, on my personal website and on my personal instagram account. This is purely so that I am able to showcase my animation work to an online audience.

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All work © Ben Eager 2021 unless otherwise stated