404 Guild – Shortwave (Official Video)


A fully animated music video interspersed with live action. Shortwave is one of the four tracks released on 404 Guild’s new EP; Guild Three: Open Water.


Framed by footage of an older man listening to the track on a shortwave radio - the only live action segments of the concept - the bulk of the video is an intense, stimulating mirage of colour, texture and forms. The use of perspective and varied art disciplines creates a hypnotic experience, with a perpetually refreshing aesthetic. Rob Ulitski, Promonews


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Director & Animator Eager
Colouring Assitants Kitty Glavin, Sheona Turnbull, Tommy F. Cameron
Live Action Filmed by Iba Genestier
Colourist Natalia Jaeger
Actor Roger Tonge
Management Cal McRae
Label Dirty Hit

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